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NJS Mid-term Management Plan

1. Business Environment

Since the foundation of NJS, we have been developing consultancy services for "water and environment industry" centered on water supply and sewerage systems for over 65 years. The water supply and sewerage system services have shifted from construction services to management services.
In the domestic market, while the coverage rate both for water supply and sewerage systems is improving, the aging of facilities has progressed and renewal and rehabilitation of these facilities is a critical task. In addition, as population declines, issues such as decline in revenues, operational efficiency and diminishing workforce are emerging, making effective and efficient business management a major issue. Furthermore, efforts to cope with intensifying natural disasters and the formation of a low-carbon society are also required.
In overseas emerging countries, the need for infrastructure improvements such as water supply and sewerage systems are increasing due to population increase and urbanization. At the same time, it is vital to manage, operate, rehabilitate, and improve the existing infrastructure and to establish a sound management.
The water supply and sewerage services are entering the era of infrastructure management, which comprehensively addresses the sustainable development of services. In infrastructure management, it is necessary to improve the efficiency by integrating the services of construction, management, and rehabilitation, to improve management efficiency including partnerships with the public and private sectors, and also to ensure safety and environmental conservation through disaster countermeasures. Diverse knowledge and technologies, beyond the conventional infrastructure development framework, are necessary to effectively promote these.

Business Environment of Water Supply and Sewerage Services
2. Business Policy

We regard the arrival of the infrastructure management age as new business opportunity and will continue to enhance our services and expand into new business areas. We will support the development of infrastructure management through technology and services and promote sustainable development of water and sewage services.

(1) Domestic Consultant Services

In order to realize efficient infrastructure management, we will expand our business area by strengthening our services of asset management, management efficiency, disaster countermeasures, and environmental conservation services.

Asset Management
Asset management that realizes efficiency by integrating construction, management, and rehabilitation of water supply and sewer facilities and to strengthen the operations of suitable inspection, investigation, diagnosing and utilization of aging facilities.
Improve Management Efficiency
We will strengthen our services such as disaster management system, asset survey, ICT utilization, private-sector support, etc., to improve the efficiency of management and operation of water supply and sewerage businesses.
Strengthen Disaster Countermeasures
In addition to improving structural analysis and risk analysis for earthquakes and tsunamis, we will strengthen operations such as flood countermeasure system utilizing real-time information such as rainfall and water level.
Formation of a Low-carbon Society
Energy saving solutions for water supply and sewage facilities, utilization of biomass energy such as sludge, and strengthening the business for forming a hydrogen society.
(2) Overseas Operations

We will strengthen our infrastructure development and capacity development for a steady progress in water and sewerage services in emerging countries, etc.

Infrastructure maintenance services
We will strengthen water supply and sewerage improvement services in emerging countries, especially in Asia where demand for infrastructure is increasing due to population increase and urbanization.
Management related services
In order to form a sustainable water supply and sewerage business in emerging countries, etc., we will strengthen our services for support for capacity building, asset management, non-revenue water (NRW) countermeasures, etc.
(3) Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Services

We will strengthen PPP and outsourcing services that utilize the know-how and resources from the private sector in business management.

PPP Services
We will strengthen related services to promote public and private partnership projects such as PFI/PPP and concession for further improvement of water supply and sewerage services.
We will strengthen outsourcing services such as meter reading, customer services, accounting services, maintenance of existing facilities, etc., which will support the business entities operation due to labor scarcity.
Business Policy
3. Numerical Targets

2020 numerical targets
20B JPY Net Sales, 1.7B JPY Operating Income, 1.2B JPY Net Income

(Unit: Billion JPY)
Description FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 → FY 2020
Sales 17.8 16.4 15.0 20.0
Domestic Services 12.0 11.2 10.0 14.0
Overseas Services 5.4 4.6 4.2 4.5
PPP Services 0.4 0.4 0.8 1.5
Operating Income 1.9 0.8 0.8 1.7
Net Income 1.0 0.3 0.6 1.2
NJS Mid-term Management Plan
4. Measures

In an age of comprehensive management, the business area, not only focusing on infrastructure development, too which the Consultant responds to expand will become critical for a sustainable future of the Company. It is also essential to expand the technologies and know-hows into new business areas.
Business measures to contribute to a sustainable growth of the Company to respond to an ever-changing business environment are as follows:

(1) Promotion of technical development

We will promote the development of sensing technology, analytical technology, real-time control technology, etc., to advance infrastructure management by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT). We will also promote technological development and market development through corporation with a diverse range of companies and institutions.

(2) Strengthening of quality control

We will strengthen quality control in response to business sophistication and scale expansion of operations. We will also promote quality control in daily work, quality control by review, quality control by the team.

(3) Strengthening of human resource development

In addition to recruiting excellent talent, we will promote human resources development that emphasizes on basic technological capabilities, conceptual skills and communication skills. We will develop a NJS-OJT system that will enhance internal training and improve the work environment.

(4) Promotion of diversity

As a part of NJS’s efforts to create an environment that enables diverse work force to play an active role, we are implementing work-life balance and elimination of long work hours.

(5) Promotion of compliance

Placing compliance foremost at the list of values we maintain as we go about our business activities and will continue to work on rigorously ensure compliance.

(6) Promotion of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

We will fulfill our social responsibility toward the realization of a sustainable society as a consultant of water and the environment services.


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