Water supply systems

By creating safe and stable water systems, we help create a society free of water stress.

We provide technologies and services needed for building safe and stable water supply systems inclusive of planning, surveying, project formulation, designing, operation & monitoring, asset and financial management, information systems, and PFI implementation support. Moreover, we have recently received a favorable feedback on our work in dynamic response analysis and earthquake resistant design for facilities subjected to microtremors.

Sewerage Systems

Through systematic facility maintenance and management, we protect the regional environment and assure safety.

Sewerage system is crucial for sustaining a healthy system of water circulation and in recent years, attention has also been turned to its role in circulating resources and recovering energy. Based on features and functions, we propose sewerage system developments and managements that are regionally suited.

Storm Water Drainage System and River Environmental Conservation

With integrated measures for storm water, we prevent flooding and create a rich environment.

Due to several ecological and social factors, torrential rains have become frequent leading to increased flooding. Different countermeasures such as improving regional rainwater infiltration, installing storage facilities, and enhancing drainage functions of rivers are available; however, what is really necessary is an integrated approach using a combination of these measures. Using high-precision simulations and comprehensive technical skills, we formulate plans that are both economical and highly effective.

Solid Waste Management and Environmental Systems Development

By using resources and energy reclaimed from solid waste, we promote a low-carbon, recycling-based society.

Proper solid waste disposal is an essential factor in sanitation and sustaining the environment. Moreover, reduction of environmental load and cost can be achieved by effectively using waste as a resource material. We use resources and energy reclaimed from solid waste to promote a low-carbon, recycling-based society.

Asset management

Precise equipment diagnoses and maintenance/management plans boost business value.

Water supply and sewerage facilities deteriorate with age causing performance decline, malfunctions and accidents. It is important to regularly check equipment as a preventative measure, and to conduct systematic reconstruction and upgrades. Our teams of mechanical and electrical experts are highly skilled in implementing all necessary equipment diagnosis.

Risk management

Through accurate damage prediction, risk can be avoided or mitigated and BCP Business Continuity Plan is sustained.

Water supply or sewerage system service outages have a serious impact on urban functions and the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a business continuity plan for continued functionality. While analyzing risk and planning for risk avoidance and mitigation based on damage prediction, emergency measures and methods for swift restoration must also be formulated. By accurately predicting damage, we support in formulating precise measures and business continuity planning.