NJS's Vision

Comprehensive Water and Environmental Consultant

Earth is called the “Water Planet” and the 21st Century the “Century of Water”.
Although there is an enormous amount of water, which covers around 70 % of our planet, only 0.01% of water can be effectively utilized.
Life is unsustainable without access to reliable water source and humans are threatened by climate change, altering weather patterns is causing water scarcity and floods etc. around the world.
There are concerns that, in the 21st Century, climate change will become more serious with increasing world population.

Although we are unable to change the existing water quantity, we can increase the amount of water utilized by water management. Similarly, we are unable to change weather patterns such as rainfall, but we can mitigate flood damages.
For over 60 years, since its establishment, NJS has cultivated technologies for the usage, processing and management of water, as a comprehensive consulting firm in the field of water and environmental services.
In the 21st Century when water issue is expected to become more severe, NJS will further develop water management technologies and contribute to water and environmental issues in local communities and society as a whole.

Management Philosophy and Corporate Vision

Management Philosophy

    As a comprehensive water and environmental consultant, the NJS group aims to; create affluent and safe communities and societies through providing reliable and valued services.

Corporate Vision

We aim to become a trusted global leading comprehensive consulting company in the water and environmental industry.

  • We work on resolving water and environmental issues on a global scale.
  • We promote creation of new values through technological development.
  • We foster human resources who are responsible and experienced in the field of water and environmental industry.
  • We contribute to the mitigation of environmental load and creation of a sustainable society.
  • We contribute to society based on high ethical standards.
  • Comprehensive Water and Environmental Consultant

NJS provides water and environmental consulting services on a global scale. With experience of overseas work in over 90 countries, we are working with “water and environmental” issues on a global scale.

NJS contributes to the development of an affluent, safe, and sustainable community through consulting services, concerning survey, development, and operation of water infrastructure such as water supply and sewerage systems.