• Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Corporate profile

Company name NJS Co., Ltd.
(Former name Nippon Jogesuido Sekkei Co.,Ltd.)
Head office address 1-1-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL:+81-3-6324-4355 FAX:+81-3-6324-4356
(Relocated on September 2015)
Company representative President & Chief Executive Officer
Masaaki Murakami
Foundation day September 3, 1951
Listed market The Prime Marcket of Tokyo Stock Exchange (code number 2325)
Capital 520 million yen
Number of employees 556 (the whole corporate group:934)
As of December, 2021
Annual Sales 19,315 million yen
(Consolidated sales of FY2021)
Main Bank Shimbashi Branch, Mizuho Bank

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List of Executive

(As of March 25, 2022)

Directors and Company Auditors President & Chief Executive Officer Masaaki Murakami
Exucutive Managing Director Hideyuki Wakabahashi
Exucutive ManagingDirector Yasuhiko Kabaya
Exucutive ManagingDirector Takeshi Tsuchiya
Director Tomoyuki Masubuchi
Director Kengo Fujikawa
Director Masao Yamada
Director Yasuo Obata
Director Misao Konishi
Corporate Auditor Hiroshi Terayama
Corporate Auditor Hirokazu Suzuki
Corporate Auditor Takanobu Watanabe
Executive Officer Senior Executive Officer Toru Kawasaki
Executive Officer Yoshikazu Nakayama
Executive Officer Noriyuki Shinonaga
Executive Officer Go Ogasawara
Executive Officer Masahiko Nishizawa
Executive Officer Isao Takeda
Executive Officer Morio Hosoya
Executive Officer Kiyoshi Kurihara
Executive Officer Yukinori Masuya
Executive Officer Kimiyasu Ohtake
Executive Officer Hiromitsu Endo
Executive Officer Takahiko Sakai
Executive Officer Motoki Niiyama
Executive Officer Ichiro Miyamura
Executive Officer Shinji Ishii
Executive Officer Kunihiko Kuiuchi

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Main Business Activities

  • Water supply and industrial water supply, sewerage, river, agricultural drainage, wastewater treatment, raw sewerage and waste treatment facilities surveys, planning, seismic diagnostic plan and supervision
  • Financial Management Consultancy Services of water supply, industrial water supply, and sewerage
  • Consultancy Services of water quality management and maintenance of water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations etc
  • Asset management services of social infrastructures
  • Disaster prevention investigation,countermeasures,and planning for inundation,earthquakes,etc
  • System development services such as GIS information system (pipeline, river, purified water tank), facilities information system (water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, pumping station, tunnel), ASP, account processing system, billing and collection system, and others
  • Plan, design, supervision of buildings and seismic diagnostic services
  • Environmental basic plan, and Environmental Impact Assessment services
  • Investigation, analysis, contamination analysis services of rivers, wetlands, lakes, and sea area
  • Business related to administration of water supply and sewage projects
  • Overseas consulting service
  • Surveying and geological survey services

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Registrations and Licenses

Domestic Consulting Operations

Civil Engineering Consultants
  • Water Supply & Industrial Water Supply
  • Environmental Assessment & Management for Construction
  • Structure and Concrete
  • River, Erosion Control, Costal & Marine
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Waste Management
  • Soil and foundation
Compensation Consultant
  • Land survey registered on October 30,2011
Surveying registration
  • Registered on September 25,2014
geological survey registration
  • Registered on October 5,2012
registered architect office
  • Registered on June 15,2012
Sewage treatment facility maintenance industry registration
  • Registered on August 25,2016


ISO9001:2008 QC16J0025 registered on October 13, 2000
ISO14001:2004 EC16J0019 registered on September 4, 2002
ISO55001:2014 AS15J0006 registered on December 22, 2015


JIS Q 15001:2006 Privacy mark acquisition from JIPDEC.
No.10840448th registered on April 16, 2010

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Memberships in Societies and Organizations

  • Japan Society of Civil Engineers
  • Japan Society on Water Environment
  • Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management etc.
  • Japan Water Works Association
  • Japan Sewage Works Association
  • Japan Industrial Water Association
  • The Institution of Professional Engineers
  • The Japan Civil engineering Consultants Association
  • Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering and Technology
  • Japan Water Research Center
  • Japan Waste Management & 3Rs Research Foundation
  • Federation of Japan Water Industries,Inc.
  • Japan Sewer Optical Fiber Technological Association
  • The Consulting Association for the Sewerage Pipe Examination
  • Japan Society for Trencheless Technology
  • Engineering and Consulting Firms Association
  • Infrastructure Development Institute
  • Japan International Corporation of Welfare Service, Asia PPP Promotion Conference etc

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Staff Professionals Qualifications

(As of September, 2021)

Registered Professional Engineer number of persons Registered Professional Engineer number of persons
Ph. D 3 Registered Professional Engineer 340
RCCM (Registered Civil Consulting Manager) 18 Structural Design First Class Authorized Architect 8
Equipment Design First Class Authorized Architect 5 First Class Authorized Architect 29
Building mechanical and electrical engineers 7 Registered Surveyor 44
First Class Operation and Management Engineer 48 Third Class Chief Electrical Engineer 21
Qualified Energy Management Officer 12 Certified Environmental Measurer 21
Information Technology Engineer 43 Certified Public Accountant 1
MBA 2 CAMA(Certified Asset Management Assessor) 18

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NJS Group

NJS E&M Co., Ltd.

NJS E&M Co., Ltd. aims to become a management company for water and sewerage services. The Local Autonomy Act principally positions services on water supply, sewerage, and waste disposal as obligations of local governments and most of the operation is directly engaged in by local governments. The PFI Promotion Act established in 1999 very much streamlined the framework for utilizing private funds for developing public installations. NJS E&M make efforts with responsibility in various businesses concerning services on water supply, sewerage, and waste treatment ranging from billing and collection to operation management on the basis of the funding system and the bond issuance system for local governments which were revised in 2006.

Foundation day
August 8, 1974
Head office address
1-1-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023, JAPAN
TEL -81-3-6324-4350 FAX +81-3-6324-4351
Company representative
President & Chief Executive Officer
Yoshikazu Nakayama
100 million yen
Main Business Activities
Comprehensive water and sewage consulting
Environmental improvement
Comprehensive local and urban development consulting
System development services etc.

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NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.

Foundation day
April 3, 2007
Head office address
Republic of India Pune City
Company representative
Dr.Uday G.Kelkar
49,600,000 rupees
Main Business Activities
Consulting service related to water and sewerage in the Republic of India

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