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  NJS Consultants (Nippon Jogesuido Sekkei Co., Ltd.), a consulting firm based in Japan, is a world leader in the field of environmental engineering and consulting services. Since its establishment in 1951 and for the past half century, NJS has successfully completed over 18,000 wastewater and 5,000 water supply projects for an extensive and ever-growing list of international clients.
  Research Institute for Public Management, established in November 2005 as a branch of NJS, is a think tank specializing in the management of water supply and wastewater service. We provide consultancies for both public and private customers on our due engineering process backed up by legal, managerial and accounting personnel. We endeavor in particular to plan, develop and prepare the best PPP (Public Private Partnership) scheme to enhance a good competition practice and improve the level of service in our field.




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  Over 150 entities of both public and private sectors as mapped below have been listed as our dear clients since our establishment in 2005. As a part of NJS's unique total package services principle, our scope is focused on private funding investment, financial management, institutional development and operations improvement. Reflecting the decreasing trend of in-house experts in municipalities as well as of funding resources, we especially offer the best financing and management solutions in water and sewerage services.


NJS Research Institute for Public Management

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Satoshi Kinoshita
President of NJS

Takemi Kubo

Toshihiko Tamama
Manager, toshihiko_tamama@njs.co.jp
 Born in 1964 and graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1991 with a master's degree, he has joined NJS up to now. Qualified as a registered consulting engineer in 1997 and based on engineering and managerial skill, he offers consultancies and advisory services to provide a good PPP practice in the field of water and sewerage service management.